Visit La Antigua Guatemala, your best vacation option

By visiting the Central American country the best option for you is to learn the native language or
at least some basic words when you are traveling along. Make sure to visit La Antigua this
hotspot is one of the world's premier Spanish-study destinations. Just don’t spend so much time
hanging out with fellow English speakers that you forget to practice while enjoying this adventure.

Make sure to prepare yourself during high season and enjoy faithful solemnly parade through
Antigua’s streets with incense and religious figures during Holy Week. Always make sure to keep
your pertinences on a sight so you can prevent future inconveniences. This city is one of the
hemisphere’s great repositories of colonial architecture so make sure to bring your cámara for photography memories. For a sense of New World history, a visit to Antigua is a must.

There are many great places for food and lodging at Antigua so you will find the best option for yourself even if you are on a Budget. Join the adventure at the tropical country and have the best life experience. Make sure to taste all the fruits at the high season as mango, papaya, litchi and vegetables as pacayas and flor de Izote. Traveling in Guatemala is an unique experience that you need to do at least once in life.

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