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We have a chain of 12 hotels located in the center of Antigua Guatemala with 215 rooms capable of accomodating up to 700 people.


Welcome to Antigua Hotel Solutions!

We are excited to present to you our 12 beautiful, traditionally-styled hotels, all of which offer outstanding service and quality at a great value. We have a hotel to cater to every traveler´s need and budget. Our great city of Antigua Guatemala has over 470 years of history for visitors to explore. Antigua is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with all of its valuable history well preserved and accessible our guests to explore and enjoy.

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Convento Santa Catalina

5a Avenida Norte #28, Antigua Guatemala
+(502) 7832-3080

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Hotel Casa del Parque

4a Avenida Norte #5, Antigua Guatemala
+(502) 7832-0961

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Hotel Meson del Valle

5a Avenida Sur #11C, Antigua Guatemala
+(502) 7882-4469

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Hotel in Antigua Guatemala

Hotel Casa Antigua

3a Calle Poniente #5, Antigua Guatemala
+(502) 7832-9090

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Hotel San Jorge

4a Avenida Sur #13, Antigua Guatemala
+(502) 7832-3132

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Hotel Camelias Inn Antigua Guatemala

Hotel Camelias Inn

3a Calle Oriente #19, Antigua Guatemala
+(502) 7832-5780

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Hotel Casa Rustica

6a Avenida Norte #8, Antigua Guatemala
+(502) 7832-3709

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Hotel Posada San Vicente

6a. Avenida Sur # 6, Antigua Guatemala
+(502) 7832-3311

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Hotel Posada Don Valentino

5ta Calle Poniente #28, Antigua Guatemala
+(502) 7832-0384

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Hotel Panchoy

1 Ave Norte 5A Antigua Guatemala
+(502) 7832-1020

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